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Our Team

All our consultants have 15+ years experience managing complex consulting engagements, with particular emphasis on projectmanagement and strategic thinking. We will provide a specific CV for your needs, on request.

Our Clients

We provide retainer style, “on-call” support for a number of clients in the Retail, Healthcare, Banking, and Utilities industries. Our services may be include as few as 5 hours, while other clients require permanent, on-site staff. We also provide specific solutions for Retail support of store brands which are not hours based.

We Provide

We provide proven solutions to clients, and evaluate new solutions for realistic implementation. We do NOT offer “canned” methodologies with trademarked terms which rely on “hype” rather than innovation.

Our History

Adam Strichman founded Sanda Partners in 2008 after numerous requests by long-term clients to continue his history of “no-nonsense” on call support for their teams. Adam has worked for 18 years at leading research and advisory firms, and he is quoted worldwide in articles regarding Outsourcing and vendor relationships. His current team includes consultants with proven track records managing all aspects of the vendor/client relationship.